Learning health system approach offers a powerful route to improve NHS efficiency, report suggests

Researchers are calling on policy makers to support the use of data-driven learning health systems to deliver a step change in the NHS’s ability to improve patient care. The call comes as a new report, authored by the Better Care program from Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) and the Health Foundation, warns that tackling … Read more

More doctors are suffering burnout, and health systems must do more

A panel of physicians said it’s not about building more resilience. Health organizations need to offer resources and reduce burdens that are taxing their physicians. More doctors are experiencing burnout, and it’s becoming a matter of serious concern for healthcare leaders. Physician burnout has reached a new high, according to a study published in Mayo … Read more

Biden declares the pandemic ‘over’

President Joe Biden’s declaration in a national interview that the covid-19 pandemic is “over” has complicated his own administration’s efforts to get Congress to provide more funding for treatments and vaccines, and to get the public to go yet another booster. Meanwhile, concerns about a return of medical inflation for the first time in a … Read more