New Report Shows Pediatric Mental Health Hospitalizations Rose 61%

New Report Shows Pediatric Mental Health Hospitalizations Rose 61%

Loving african american single mother sister embrace teen daughter sit on bed looking at window, … [+] parent mom hug support protect teenage girl, family trust hope talk understanding concept, rear view getty After more than two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, many parents and kids may feel grateful for the return to a relatively … Read more

Learning health system approach offers a powerful route to improve NHS efficiency, report suggests

Researchers are calling on policy makers to support the use of data-driven learning health systems to deliver a step change in the NHS’s ability to improve patient care. The call comes as a new report, authored by the Better Care program from Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) and the Health Foundation, warns that tackling … Read more

On government spending, Congress decides not to decide

Congress is supposed to complete its annual appropriations bills before the start of the fiscal year on Oct. 1. But it rarely does, and this year is no different, as lawmakers scramble to pass a short-term funding bill so they can put off final decisions until at least December. Meanwhile, with an eye to the … Read more

After pushing a major health system to cut costs, a Massachusetts agency wants more power

The Massachusetts Health Policy Commission reached an agreement with Mass General Brigham on a plan to reduce spending. The state agency wants more authority to control hospital costs, including financial penalties. A Massachusetts state agency has signed off on a plan by Mass General Brigham to reduce spending, and the agency would like more authority … Read more

Americans give health care system failing mark: AP-NORC poll

WASHINGTON (AP) — When Emmanuel Obeng-Dankwa is worried about making rent on his New York City apartment, he sometimes holds off on filling his blood pressure medication. “If there’s no money, I prefer to skip the medication to being homeless,” said Obeng-Dankwa, a 58-year-old security guard. He is among a majority of adults in the … Read more

FAIR Health Releases Report on Substance Use Disorders, Overdos Before, During Pandemic

One of the key findings of the report is that 42 states saw an increase in the proportion of patients with opioid and opioid-like drug overdoses compared with the total number of patients using medical services by state. In every year of the period 2016-2021, males accounted for 62% to 63% of the gender distribution … Read more

House Republicans Argue That a COVID Standard for the Health Care Industry is Unnecessary

House Republicans are questioning the Biden administration’s prerogative to continue promulgating a COVID-19 standard aimed at protecting health care workers following the president’s comments that the “pandemic is over.” In a letter to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration on Monday, Reps. Virginia Foxx, RN.C., ranking member of the House Education and Labor Committee, and … Read more

Study confirms link between COVID-19 vaccination and temporary increase in menstrual cycle length

News Release Tuesday, September 27, 2022 Large NIH-funded study included participants in North America and Europe. A large international study has confirmed the findings of a previous US study that linked COVID-19 vaccination with an average increase in menstrual cycle length of less than one day. The increase was not associated with any change in … Read more

Public Health Data Still Facing Challenges Room for Previous Recommendations, Watchdog Says

In light of public health emergencies like the rapidly-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of health data and the ability to share it is critical, according to a Government Accountability Office report released Thursday. The watchdog found that public health entities do not have the ability to share new data and other important information in real-time, … Read more

We need resilient health systems to address the dual crisis of infectious and chronic diseases

With our health systems strained by the concurrent outbreaks of monkeypox, polio and COVID-19, chronic diseases are not receiving the attention they deserve. But as we continue to face ongoing infectious disease threats, we need to build resilient health systems that are equipped to face both public health emergencies and ongoing population health challenges. Pre-pandemic, … Read more