Bobby Fink talks Olympic gold medals and swims with surgical gloves

Bobby Fink He made his senior debut by reaching the final of the Olympic Trials in 2016 at the age of 16. Now with two Olympic gold medals and two World Championship medals, the 23-year-old has broken into the world of swimming. Earlier this week, Finke, a proud University of Florida producer, took home several … Read more

5 small business trends to watch in 2023

Image source: Getty Images It could be another tough year for small business owners. the main points Small businesses need to prepare for a potential economic downturn next year. Technology is always evolving, and it pays to think about how it can help your business. Communicate with your customers and employees about any changes you … Read more

How to improve your financial health

After a busy year, it might be tempting to boot up, settle down with a cup of warm cocoa and shift your focus to 2023, but this would be a missed opportunity to explore how to improve your financial health. In the midst of the holiday season and all the cheer (and spending) that it … Read more

Saquon Barkley is facing a defining moment in his career in Dallas

Saquon Barkley hopes there are greater occasions to come, and oh, the New York Giants wouldn’t love that to be true. So far, that’s the thing. This game, this holiday, this showdown with the Dallas Cowboys, it deserves a description — drumroll, please — it deserves its own sentence. The most important match of Barkley’s … Read more

The AG says Apple “has got to do better” on its reproductive health data

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong and several of his peers have called on Apple to better protect consumers’ reproductive health information on apps available through its App Store, after the US Supreme Court in June overturned Roe v. Wade. In a letter sent Monday to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Tung and other prosecutors stressed that … Read more

Anticipate the failure of the bullfighting ban in France, the last bastion of the sport

November 24, 2022 at 3:30 AM EST In a Camargue-style fight, the rivals try to rip off the ribbons from the head of a local cow. (Clemence Losfeld for The Washington Post) Comment on this story Suspension FAVERT, France – The sound of trumpets attached to a metal enclosure could be heard as hundreds of … Read more

Starting a business in the doldrums? Elie Diop shares four strategies for success

Elie Diop, Founder, Ellie Talks Money Jeremiah Drummond The UK is heading into recession – a recession that could be long and severe. Recessions are usually accompanied by company downsizing and job losses, with leaders at risk of suddenly finding themselves out of a job. Many leaders in this situation will choose to regroup, dump … Read more

A cold house can harm your health

In Norway we like to wear shirts inside, even in the middle of winter. And until very recently, electricity prices were low enough that most of us were able to do so. Now, however, there are a lot of changes. The energy crisis in Europe and periods of high electricity prices here in Norway have … Read more

Strong Cash Management for Consistent Cash Flow | Chase for Business

Cash flow is an easy enough equation. It is a reflection of business inflows or cash received versus outflows or money being spent. You may have heard of these referred to as accounts receivable and accounts payable. Let’s keep things simple. If your business makes more money than it spends, it will have positive cash … Read more

Dr. Odell Owens, a public health leader and fertility physician, has died at the age of 74

He passed away on Wednesday afternoon. The former fertility doctor was 74 years old. Owens last served as president and CEO of the health education nonprofit Interact for Health from 2016 until his retirement in March 2021. He also advised Ohio Governor Mike DeWine on the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, the Cincinnati Regional Chamber USA … Read more